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Tag: Album: Any Random Kindness (2019)

01. Another Universe
02. Buried in the Sand
03. End of World Party
04. Kyoto
05. ARK
06. Boy Girl
07. Deep State
08. Empty Skies
09. Happy Sad
10. So Long, Goodbye
11. Last One Out (Turn the Lights Off)

Artist: HÆLOS
Release date: May 10, 2019
Label: Infectious Music
Genre: Dance/Electronic

Hælos – Happy Sad Lyrics

Happy Sad by Hælos Why? Someone tell me why This has changed our DNA? Run always on the run Count to ten till the numbers do not sum It never […]

Hælos – Empty Skies Lyrics

Empty Skies by Hælos Can’t you see I’m crucified Staring up at empty sky Stay up late to analyze What went wrong What went wrong Ecstasy we synthesized Is it […]

Hælos – Deep State Lyrics

Deep State by Hælos Combat stress and velveteen White orchids and hate machines Ignorance: the new disease The loaded gun When there’s nothing left for you to sell You’ll sell […]

Hælos – Boy Girl Lyrics

Boy Girl by Hælos [Lotti Benardout] Oh I thought of you boy Caught between my heart and eye Angel in a fist fight You my paradigm [Arthur Delaney] Oh I […]

Hælos – ARK Lyrics

ARK by Hælos Passing sirens, watching roads go by True to nothing, help our strong survive Heavy light on power grids gone down Just a heartbeat going ’round Give me […]