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Album: Anyways Life’s Great…

GloRilla – No More Love Lyrics

No More Love Lyrics – GloRilla Oh, I can’t help us GloRilla I just need a little bit, Oregan love Oregan love (ATL Jacob, ATL Jacob) Sometimes, I just sit

GloRilla – PHATNALL Lyrics

PHATNALL Lyrics – GloRilla GloRilla Man, people be mad, and people be hurt Don’t be listenin’ to shit these folks say about me They come and see what’s up with

GloRilla – Unh Unh Lyrics

Unh Unh Lyrics – GloRilla GloRilla (AClef Vibes on the beat) Woo, woo, uh Like, unh, like unh (Cheese, his name is Cheese) Okay They don’t want to see no

GloRilla – Get That Money Lyrics

Get That Money Lyrics – GloRilla Don’t be scared to ask that nigga for some money, ask that nigga for some money (Woah, woah, woah, woah) He won’t hesitate to

GloRilla – Out Loud Thinking Lyrics

Out Loud Thinking Lyrics – GloRilla KB too brazy Ayo, Kxnzo When they treat you like they’re strong, it seem like you the weakest The one that I was gon’

GloRilla – Nut Quick Lyrics

Nut Quick Lyrics – GloRilla (If you don’t get the fuck out of here, what are you doing here?) (GloRilla) (The fuck they lame ass doin’?) I’m probably finna come

Glorilla – Tomorrow 2 ft. Cardi B Lyrics

Tomorrow 2 Lyrics – Glorilla (Cheese, his name is Cheese) They say they don’t fuck with me (Cheese), but I say they can’t fuck with me Just like the air,

Hitkidd – F.N.F (Let’s Go) [Remix] Lyrics

F.N.F (Let’s Go) [Remix] Lyrics – Hitkidd (Hitkidd, what it do, man?) Glorilla Big Latto, JT Bitch, I’m fuck nigga free, broke nigga free (Let’s go, woo, woo, hey) Nigga,

GloRilla – Blessed Lyrics

Blessed Lyrics – GloRilla GloRilla, woo, ayy On the gang, on the, on the gang He got 99 problems, and the biggest one is me (Yup) He got all of