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Tag: Album: ARIZONA BABY (2019)

Kevin Abstract – Crumble Lyrics

Crumble Lyrics by Kevin Abstract [Jack Antonoff] You got room in your phone for one more distraction Wonderful times Time is moving too slow for me to distract you I […]

Kevin Abstract – Use Me Lyrics

Use Me Lyrics by Kevin Abstract [Kevin Abstract] Use me for your service (For your service) Here am I, Lord [Kevin Abstract] Niggas was in that back room, see I […]

Kevin Abstract – Peach Lyrics

Peach Lyrics by Kevin Abstract [Dominic Fike] Aye, she let me, let me fuck in the shower I wrote my number in the mist on the mirror I’m not the […]

Kevin Abstract – Mississippi Lyrics

Mississippi Lyrics by Kevin Abstract [Kevin Abstract] You gon’ find out that I’m not myself In this winehouse, all my dogs need some help What I’m crying bout when I’m […]