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Tag: Album: B7 (2020)

Brandy - Unconditional Oceans Lyrics

Brandy – Unconditional Oceans Lyrics

Unconditional Oceans By Brandy Distraction curves, I took a turn and changed my view Though I lost but earned What I deserved is ’cause of you (Yeah, yeah, yeah) Why […]

Brandy - Lucid Dreams Lyrics

Brandy – Lucid Dreams Lyrics

Lucid Dreams By Brandy One more strike and I’m out I had to figure it out before I lose Lose me to you Feeling like I Got demons to tame […]

Brandy - Borderline Lyrics

Brandy – Borderline Lyrics

Borderline By Brandy You’re sorry, you’re sorry (Sorry) What would you do if you’re alone? (Yeah) Would you think about me? I know there’s something wrong with you On my […]

Brandy - No Tomorrow Lyrics

Brandy – No Tomorrow Lyrics

No Tomorrow By Brandy Yeah, yeah-yeah Can you give me a minute? Yeah, real quick While I get me some M&M’s from the 7-Eleven I like it ’cause you know […]

Brandy - Say Something Lyrics

Brandy – Say Something Lyrics

Say Something By Brandy I’m on the fence ’cause I’m under attack Been on that fence and I ain’t looking back Questioned some things that I thought was a fact […]