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Tag: Album: Back Of My Mind (2021)

H.E.R. - Trauma Lyrics

H.E.R. – Trauma Lyrics

Trauma Lyrics – H.E.R. (Hit-Boy) Na, na-na, na, na, na Na, na, na-na, na Na, na, na, oh Na, na-na, na, na, na Public perception is often deception, uh I […]

H.E.R. - Mean It Lyrics

H.E.R. – Mean It Lyrics

Mean It Lyrics – H.E.R. Did you mean it? Mm-hmm, mm-hmm Maybe I should be more like you Buildin’ up on the lie then coverin’ up the truth Oh, [?] […]

H.E.R. - Process Lyrics

H.E.R. – Process Lyrics

Process Lyrics – H.E.R. I’m just tryin’ to process what just happened I’m just tryin’ to express what I’m feeling When the pressure gets too intense, burn some incense Stop […]

H.E.R. - Don’t Lyrics

H.E.R. – Don’t Lyrics

Don’t Lyrics – H.E.R. Don’t count on me, babe, don’t Don’t wait on me, babe, it’s late, these days Yeah, yeah It’s hard to give yourself to someone It’s harder […]