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Tag: Album: Between You And Me (2020)

San Cisco - Reasons Lyrics

San Cisco – Reasons Lyrics

Reasons By San Cisco I can feel your heart a-beating Rhythms changing with the seasons I need you for so many reasons now When you leave it doesn’t feel right […]

San Cisco - Messages Lyrics

San Cisco – Messages Lyrics

Messages By San Cisco You’re the worst best friend that I’ve ever had You don’t reciprocate a thing I do, it makes me sad When you comment only picture saying […]

San Cisco - Shine Lyrics

San Cisco – Shine Lyrics

Shine By San Cisco I’m kinda busy but you’re coming around A little neurotic but you’re fine when you calm down You’re so anxious to try and be better We’ve […]

San Cisco - Alone Lyrics

San Cisco – Alone Lyrics

Alone By San Cisco Does love drift away A little bit every day While you wait While you shake me down I can pick out you I know the way […]

San Cisco - When I Dream Lyrics

San Cisco – When I Dream Lyrics

When I Dream By San Cisco I would never lie to you But it’s hard when the truth is such a shame I never wanted to say, “I’m sorry” But […]

San Cisco - Gone Lyrics

San Cisco – Gone Lyrics

Gone By San Cisco I’m not scared of ya leaving me, I’ll watch you as you go I have no fear of loneliness, it’s all I’ve ever known And I’m […]