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Tag: Album: BLAME IT ON BABY (2020)

DaBaby – PICK UP Lyrics

PICK UP By DaBaby Let’s go Wait a minute, who are you? (Ayy, yo, K.I.D) Pick up, pick up, pick up Better watch his lil’ bitch ’cause I’m up off […]


LIGHTSKIN SHIT By DaBaby Ah, ah, aha Yeah (Oh Lord, Jetson made another one) My bitch like a model Word to genie, she shaped like a bottle Fuck a IG, […]

DaBaby – TALK ABOUT IT Lyrics

TALK ABOUT IT By DaBaby Baby (Wheezy outta here) Let’s go My uncles taught a nigga how to hustle My mama taught me how to use a rubber I was […]

DaBaby – SAD SHIT Lyrics

SAD SHIT By DaBaby Let me do some sad shit for the real niggas Yeah, I know my old bitch miss me Probably scrollin’ down my timeline now (I know) […]

DaBaby – JUMP Lyrics

JUMP By DaBaby (Cha-ching) Okay, let’s go, nigga (Rocco did it again) Wait a minute, who are you? (Ayy, yo, K.I.d.) I make it jump like, like crack in the […]

DaBaby – CHAMPION Lyrics

CHAMPION By DaBaby Yeah, yeah Wait a minute, who are you? (Ayy, yo, K.I.D.) Let’s go (Woo) Yeah, I took the cash route I put in more time, more grind, […]