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Tag: Album: Carpe diem (2020)

Olamide - Greenlight Lyrics

Olamide – Greenlight Lyrics

Greenlight Lyrics By Olamide Shaba daba di Dibi dibi dibi da Dibi daba di Dibi dibi dibi ayyy Olamide oo baby olamide Olamide oo baby olamide (Give them) Omoge omoge […]

Olamide - Infinity Lyrics

Olamide – Infinity Lyrics

Infinity Lyrics By Olamide She no like groundnut But she go chop am If you give her cucumber Waka from trans amadi Till her leg begin shake Awilo lokomba Baby […]

Olamide - Eru Lyrics

Olamide – Eru Lyrics

Eru Lyrics By Olamide Blow the money blow the money Make the people manya Make the people manya o Blow the money blow the money Make the girls dem whine […]

Olamide - Triumphant Lyrics

Olamide – Triumphant Lyrics

Triumphant Lyrics By Olamide Can I tell what it is Everyday on cruise Bad days are gone Now I am bigger Porshe Ferragamo Yeah we crusie oh yeah Versace and […]

Olamide - At your service Lyrics

Olamide – At your service Lyrics

At your service Lyrics By Olamide Yeah yeah Pull up on you me and my friends I’m finna introduce them to your friends Maybe we should all try to be […]

Olamide - Do better Lyrics

Olamide – Do better Lyrics

Do better Lyrics By Olamide Baddo young John Ehnn Baddo young John Oya Baddo Baddo young John On the long run Ishe yen ti lon po Baby is complaining pe […]