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Tag: Album: Ceraadi’s Playlist (2019)

Ceraadi - Ok Lyrics

Ceraadi – Ok Lyrics

Ok By Ceraadi Want it in the worst way (Worst way) Gettin to the money like I’m thirstay (Thirstay) Got it on my own without a first aid (First aid) […]

Ceraadi – Dumbstruck Lyrics

Dumbstruck By Ceraadi The way you make me feel, let me keep it real, uh I can’t explain it, but it’s a big deal, uh You my mood, you my […]

Ceraadi – Loyal Lyrics

Loyal Lyrics by Ceraadi Don’t try to rock the boat (Don’t try) Baby just hold me close I’ma be callin’ you When there’s a time in need Don’t try to […]