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Tag: Album: Certified Hitmaker (2019)

Lil Mosey – Never Scared Lyrics

Never Scared By Lil Mosey Yeah, yeah, oh Ayy, Royce (Oh) Ayy, Royce (Oh) Ayy, Royce (Oh) Ayy, Royce, you did it right here Rich nigga to the right, you […]

Lil Mosey – Dreamin Lyrics

Dreamin By Lil Mosey Sittin’ there, thinkin’, ’bout us Girl, I don’t care, what they say about us I’m thinking, I’m dreamin’ It’s our season She on my phone, blowing kisses Let’s go […]

Lil Mosey – Rockstars Lyrics

Rockstars By Lil Mosey I was off a Perky like yesterday (Yesterday) I told all my brothers, we gon’ get a K (Get a K) I’m just fuckin’ hoes, it’s […]

Lil Mosey – See My Baby Lyrics

See My Baby By Lil Mosey Mhm, yeah, mhm, ooh I’m just tryna’ lean with you, baby Can I just see my baby? Can you walk it out? Can we? […]