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Tag: Album: Choke (2019)

Poppy – Voicemail Lyrics

Voicemail by Poppy I can’t feel my fingers I can’t feel my toes There’s blood on my necklace And blood on my clothes I called up the police Their voicemail […]

Poppy – Choke Lyrics

Poppy : Choke Lyrics Help, I’m drowning There’s nobody around me I need someone to save me Can you come and take me? Help, I’m choking There’s liquid in my […]

Poppy – Scary Mask Lyrics

Scary Mask Lyrics by Poppy I wear my scary mask when I’m afraid I don’t belong You can’t read my brain until it’s off Not coming off Not coming off […]

Poppy – Metal Lyrics

Metal by Poppy We’re in the building where they make us grow And I’m frightened by the liquid engineers Like you My Mallory heart is sure to fail I could […]