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Tag: Album: Chromatica (2020)

Lady Gaga - Free Woman Lyrics

Lady Gaga – Free Woman Lyrics

Free Woman By Lady Gaga (Be free) I’m walking downtown to my sound No-one knows me yet, not right now But I’m ’bout to set This feeling, in motion Watch, […]

Lady Gaga - Fun Tonight Lyrics

Lady Gaga – Fun Tonight Lyrics

Fun Tonight By Lady Gaga Feeling something that I can’t explain Think it’s a wound I still entertain I’d do anything to numb the flame I guess I’m just on […]

Lady Gaga - 911 Lyrics

Lady Gaga – 911 Lyrics

911 By Lady Gaga Turning off emotional faders Keep repeating self hating phrases I have heard enough of these voices Almost like I have no choice This is biological stasis […]

Lady Gaga - Plastic Doll Lyrics

Lady Gaga – Plastic Doll Lyrics

Plastic Doll By Lady Gaga I’m-i-e-i-e-i-e-i-e-i-e-i p-plastic P-plastic do-o-o-o-oll P-plastic, technologic Open me up and cut me loose I come with a purse and new shoes Am I your type? […]

Lady Gaga - Enigma Lyrics

Lady Gaga – Enigma Lyrics

Enigma By Lady Gaga Open-minded, I’m so blinded Mystery man, woman phantom Violet light smears, the atmosphere I’m so scared, but I’m standing here Is what I am seeing real, […]

Lady Gaga - Replay Lyrics

Lady Gaga – Replay Lyrics

Replay By Lady Gaga Am I still alive? Where am I, I cry Who was it that pulled the trigger, was it you or I? I’m completely numb Why you […]