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Tag: Album: Cottonwood (2019)

NLE Choppa – N.W.A. Lyrics

N.W.A. By NLE Choppa Pipe that shit up, TNT Ayy NLE shit NLE the top shotta, got the bomb like Al-Qaeda (No cap) Ayy, ayy I got the stick up […]

NLE Choppa – Matrix Lyrics

Untold By NLE Choppa Ayy, we killing shit just like The Matrix Gun, it got no safety, I know these niggas hatin’ Ain’t no monkeys in the middle, I’m a […]

NLE Choppa – Untold Lyrics

Untold By NLE Choppa CashMoneyAP NLE Choppa NLE, Top Shotta shit (Pyroman) Yeah, it done got ’em Ayy, yeah Her pussy is wet like the water, she cop me a […]

NLE Choppa – Step Lyrics

Step By NLE Choppa Yeah, NLE, Top Shotta (Draco) We got bombs like Al-Qaeda Whole lotta Crip shit, Shotta Fam shit Shotta Fam or scram, no cap Shotta Fam or […]

NLE Choppa – Clicc Clacc Lyrics

Clicc Clacc By NLE Choppa Yeah In the studio, shit Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (M-M-M-Murda) Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah Ayy, the youngest to do it, a teen (Young) I’m […]

NLE Choppa – Chances Lyrics

Chances By NLE Choppa Yeah, yeah, ohh, hey Yeah, mhm, hm, oh Yeah, ayy Told my momma be patient, one day I’m gon’ be the greatest I see the look […]