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Tag: Album: Culture III (2021)

Migos - Type Shit Lyrics

Migos – Type Shit Lyrics

Type Shit Lyrics – Migos It cost a half a ticket for a glass wrist (Half a milli’) But it ain’t cost me nothin’ for this bad bitch (Ain’t cost […]

Migos - Malibu Lyrics

Migos – Malibu Lyrics

Malibu Lyrics – Migos You understand what I’m sayin’? Pooh, you a fool for this one Hey, hey Hey I bought me a drop (Drop) I’m switchin’ out hoes and […]

Migos - Birthday Lyrics

Migos – Birthday Lyrics

Birthday Lyrics – Migos Got it on smash OG Parker When that drink kick in, she feel sexy (Sexy) Flexin’ on the ‘gram, made her @ me (@ me) Cash […]

Migos - Modern Day Lyrics

Migos – Modern Day Lyrics

Modern Day Lyrics – Migos Yeah (Suu) Let’s take a modern day stroll (Woah) This is the modern day, hoe Last time I checked, we was runnin’ the globe (Go) […]

Migos - Vaccine Lyrics

Migos – Vaccine Lyrics

Vaccine Lyrics – Migos Hit ’em with the jab Buddah Bless this beat Pop out (Skrrt-skrrt), what’s up? (What’s up?) We makin’ money in quarantine (Quarantine) Dirty my stick and […]

Migos - Picasso Lyrics

Migos – Picasso Lyrics

Picasso Lyrics – Migos Yeah, yeah, yeah (DJ Durel) (Yeah, Pluto) Put a fifty round on that Glock Plush leather when you dropping the top I push a button, now […]