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Tag: Album: Diary of a Lost Child (2020)

Quando Rondo - Pain & Process Lyrics

Quando Rondo – Pain & Process Lyrics

Pain & Process By Quando Rondo (Goddamn, BJ with another one) Better look both ways when you cross the street, you better not go be hard-head I swear lil’ youngin […]

Quando Rondo - Soldier Lyrics

Quando Rondo – Soldier Lyrics

Soldier By Quando Rondo (Drum Dummie) (Key Gang got the keys jumpin’) I soaked up game from the real ones they once called soldiers I get so high on codeine, […]

Quando Rondo – Depression Lyrics

Depression By Quando Rondo Woah, woah, woah, woah Hold on bro, you too slime Youngin’ big blue, but deep inside, he like a red rose [?] on the beat Bank account on overload, but […]