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Tag: Album: Dutch From The 5th (2020)

Dutchavelli - Kaka Lyrics

Dutchavelli – Kaka Lyrics

Kaka Lyrics – Dutchavelli (Fanatix) Velli Turn a young boy to the D, not Abba Dotty, know Dutch, not nice like Baka Under my coat, that’s a brand new wap […]

Dutchavelli - Segregation Lyrics

Dutchavelli – Segregation Lyrics

Segregation Lyrics – Dutchavelli (Yes, Chucks) Look Segregation, thirteen weeks (Pissed) My neighbour doin’ a protest, banging his door, won’t let me sleep Still got my TEC and my E-45 […]

Dutchavelli - Ching Splash Lyrics

Dutchavelli – Ching Splash Lyrics

Ching Splash Lyrics – Dutchavelli Don’t ever forget, bruv, I’m a savage too, bro A real fucking savage, bro, yeah? (Fanatix) Ching, splash, dipping (Ching) All now, no one ain’t […]

Dutchavelli - Only If You Knew Lyrics

Dutchavelli – Only If You Knew Lyrics

Only If You Knew Lyrics – Dutchavelli Can’t spend one day in my shoes Don’t do fraud full price for Loubs Sixteen shots when the gang came through Still pissed […]

Dutchavelli - 2am Lyrics

Dutchavelli – 2am Lyrics

2am Lyrics – Dutchavelli Yo Light my spliff, let’s do it again (Yeah) In the studio at two a.m I just want head in a comfortable bed Is it rude […]