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Tag: Album: Ecdysis (2022)

Infected Rain - Goodbye Lyrics

Infected Rain – Goodbye Lyrics

Goodbye Lyrics – Infected Rain Just Go! All this is OK It will soon go away! I’m so hungry but, the food makes me nauseous Feeling sick when I’m looking […]

Infected Rain - These Walls Lyrics

Infected Rain – These Walls Lyrics

These Walls Lyrics – Infected Rain If you decide to enter this house Be prepared to hear laughter and cries Happy laughter for small, little things But also, cries with […]

Infected Rain - Showers Lyrics

Infected Rain – Showers Lyrics

Showers Lyrics – Infected Rain On the lakebed I lay Where you buried me in clay My eyes swollen shut At the core of the sorrow locked Chewed up, spat […]

Infected Rain - November Lyrics

Infected Rain – November Lyrics

November Lyrics – Infected Rain Polishing everything until it shines Including me Erasing the immaculate lies Surrounding me Another country, another city I’m on the stage, ignoring my heartbeat Another […]

Infected Rain - Nine, Ten Lyrics

Infected Rain – Nine, Ten Lyrics

Nine, Ten Lyrics – Infected Rain “Nine, Ten” Never sleep again! Are you asleep or are you awake? Never sleep again! Darkness like solid silver The moon light grows dimmer […]

INFECTED RAIN - Fighter Lyrics

INFECTED RAIN – Fighter Lyrics

Fighter Lyrics – INFECTED RAIN Irreparably brokenhearted By ghosts of past forever hunted Milk and fire in your veins Consequences of past mistakes Fighter, Fighter! Today, right now All you’ve […]