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Tag: Album: Florida Jit (2020)

Smokepurpp - Not Code Lyrics

Smokepurpp – Not Code Lyrics

Not Code By Smokepurpp Ain’t no place in the world where I can’t go Say he wanna take my chain, I cannot go If he ain’t finna shoot, what that […]

Smokepurpp - Outside Lyrics

Smokepurpp – Outside Lyrics

Outside By Smokepurpp (Oh my God, Ronny) Nigga, I was outside Nigga, I was outside with them sticks I’ve been toting five nigga ever since Took my Glock 26 to […]

Smokepurpp - 1st & 3rd Lyrics

Smokepurpp – 1st & 3rd Lyrics

1st & 3rd By Smokepurpp (Oh my God, Ronny) 488, right, nigga, I’m turnt My cup dry, get the whole shit burnt Push up on a nigga, get my money, […]

Smokepurpp - Mink Coat Lyrics

Smokepurpp – Mink Coat Lyrics

Mink Coat By Smokepurpp Lil’ Purpp Mink coat jacket And I’m on drank, know I got a bad habit Rose gold Patek Found out lil’ Purpps, she put my nut […]

Smokepurpp - Ends Lyrics

Smokepurpp – Ends Lyrics

Ends By Smokepurpp (Oh my God, Ronny) I’m ridin’ around in a drophead Nigga want smoke, call me, watch how he drop dead I bought a Porsche, it came with […]