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Tag: Album: Flux (2021)

Poppy - On The Level Lyrics

Poppy – On The Level Lyrics

On The Level Lyrics Poppy Right into traffic Driving straight through every light I’ve got a habit of ignoring obvious signs It’s so peculiar, who would have guessed? So what’s […]

Poppy - Hysteria Lyrics

Poppy – Hysteria Lyrics

Hysteria Lyrics Poppy I can’t say I’m in control of my moods You light me up like a short fuse Little girl with somethin’ to prove Must be what I […]

Poppy - Bloom Lyrics

Poppy – Bloom Lyrics

Bloom Lyrics Poppy Under the ashes of disaster Were nothing more than living matter We’re all the same, cut at the center Uncertainty I cannot even measure Can’t measure at […]

Poppy - Never Find My Place Lyrics

Poppy – Never Find My Place Lyrics

Never Find My Place Lyrics Poppy Tonight, I’ll eat my brain And maybe find a resolution Tonight, I’ll cure my pain No one here is free and clear The evil […]

Poppy - So Mean Lyrics

Poppy – So Mean Lyrics

So Mean Lyrics – Poppy How did she get so mean? Operating freely from another My head and my heart hate each other Can you keep a secret? Keep it […]

Poppy - Flux Lyrics

Poppy – Flux Lyrics

Flux Lyrics – Poppy My body is fluid Cuz I’ve been through it all Chewed up and used its Cut into pieces to feed them all For your amusement For […]

Poppy - Her Lyrics

Poppy – Her Lyrics

Her Lyrics – Poppy Give her a face Give her a name That isn’t hers Then make her yours Say she’s adored Call her a whore Then pick her up […]