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Tag: Album: Free Love (2020)

Sylvan Esso - Train Lyrics

Sylvan Esso – Train Lyrics

Train Lyrics By Sylvan Esso Gimme a ticket to ride that train Wind in my hair Nothing in my brain Pop music make me go insane Four on the floor […]

Sylvan Esso - Numb Lyrics

Sylvan Esso – Numb Lyrics

Numb Lyrics By Sylvan Esso Oh, baby, baby Wanna give you a chance Let me show you a brand new dance Not for everybody-it’s a way to romance Just watch […]

Sylvan Esso - Runaway Lyrics

Sylvan Esso – Runaway Lyrics

Runaway Lyrics By Sylvan Esso See me running with my hands up It’s only how I learned to play You can’t just wait for them to show up You’ve got […]

Sylvan Esso - Free Lyrics

Sylvan Esso – Free Lyrics

Free Lyrics By Sylvan Esso Oh people always ask me what it’s like to love Everybody what it’s like to love everybody They ask me I tell them don’t be […]

Sylvan Esso - Frequency Lyrics

Sylvan Esso – Frequency Lyrics

Frequency By Sylvan Esso Only get it when I get up high I can hear her from a thousand miles That frequency, she’s on a frequency And I caught it […]