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Tag: Album: Free Spirit 2019

by Khalid

Khalid – Heaven Lyrics

Heaven Lyrics by Khalid You’re my ride or die Let’s burn out tonight Even if we don’t survive We were right about being wrong Don’t look back to the wreck […]

Khalid – Alive Lyrics

Alive Lyrics by Khalid Unread texts and missed calls Told everyone I turned my phone off Didn’t ask for help and now I’m lost Life comes in phases Consequences and […]

Khalid – Bluffin’ Lyrics

Bluffin’ Lyrics by Khalid Take enough Turn off the lights We’re so in denial Of breaking up We make it up Every time I look in your eyes I’m back […]

Khalid – Twenty One Lyrics

Twenty One Lyrics by Khalid You just turned 21 So lately you been drinkin’ Wasted on alcohol You chase to fight the feeling Thinkin’ ’bout letting go Would that be […]

Khalid – Free Spirit Lyrics

Free Spirit Lyrics by Khalid [Khalid] We were runnin’ onto something And we didn’t say forever but it’s all we wanted You were so in love with simple things And […]