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Album: From a Birds Eye View (2022)

Cordae – Shiloh’s Intro Lyrics

Shiloh’s Intro Lyrics – Cordae Alright, look, I said, I said When I was nine, that’s my first time I held a 9 Put it on God, man, that must’ve

Cordae – Jean-Michel Lyrics

Jean-Michel Lyrics – Cordae Yeah, uh Brink of extinction, hell-bent on survival This life’s a continuous cycle Consider this a venomous haiku This ain’t a verse, nigga And I done

Cordae – Momma’s Hood Lyrics

Momma’s Hood Lyrics – Cordae Yeah, uh, yeah Yeah, uh I was riding through my momma’s hood, rollin’ in Jeep I ain’t playin’ with you niggas, boy, I’m playin’ for

Cordae – Want From Me Lyrics

Want From Me Lyrics – Cordae Is it ever enough? Is it ever enough? Is it ever enough? Okay, what do you want from me? What do you need? I’m

Cordae – Today Lyrics

Today Lyrics – Cordae Hold on, uh I don’t got the time today Money on my mind, nigga, I got to grind today Get that shit andale Told my brothers,

Cordae – Shiloh’s Interlude Lyrics

Shiloh’s Interlude Lyrics – Cordae This is a connect services prepaid call from: Shiloh Young This call will be recorded and monitored If you wish to block any future calls

Cordae – C Carter Lyrics

C Carter Lyrics – Cordae Huh, yeah, huh Ladies and gentlemen uh, huh Boys and girls, huh Need y’all to just uh, huh, rock with me Uh, yeah, uh I

Cordae – Chronicles Lyrics

Chronicles Lyrics – Cordae FT. H.E.R. and Lil Durk Yeah, uh-huh I’m on this road, and I’m not sure where my heart is headed (Mm) And if you left me

Cordae – Champagne Glasses Lyrics

Champagne Glasses Lyrics – Cordae Uh, okay Conversations gettin’ complicated, I could tell ya, uh Fifteen, was in them handcuffs with paraphernalia I grew up in them trenches, boy, your

Cordae – Westlake High Lyrics

Westlake High Lyrics – Cordae Uh, yeah You know, um I just wanna apologize, um, in advance, really For all of my mistakes that I’m- I’m bound to make That

Cordae – Parables (Remix) Lyrics (feat. Eminem)

Parables (Remix) Lyrics – Cordae Gotta ride with ’em, ride with ’em Ride with ’em, roll with the, whoa, whoa, whoa Tell ’em, “Ride with ’em,” we could ride with

Cordae – Gifted Lyrics

Gifted Lyrics – Cordae Living out my dream, my life was different (Get it) If I want it then I’ma get it (Get it) Living every day like it was

Cordae – Sinister Lyrics

Sinister Lyrics – Cordae Yeah, alright, my flow sinister This ain’t rap music, this straight literature Small minded nigga, all your ideas miniature They tend to hate on you when

Cordae – Super Lyrics

Super Lyrics – Cordae Yeah, yeah, yeah (Woo, woo, woo) Huh, huh Last year, I made seven million, didn’t have to do a single fuckin’ show Shout out to my