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Tag: Album: From Nothing Pt. 1 (2019)

Jay Gwuapo – Oh No Lyrics

Oh No by Jay Gwuapo VVS’s on my necklace, I pop out to the club, I’m rocking this fly s--- Throwing hundreds and them fifties, the gang with me, we […]

Jay Gwuapo – Downbad Lyrics

Downbad by Jay Gwuapo Had to flip it, go retarded Cooking up, I got the spot hot Yeah, yeah I leveled up good enough If b------ fronting, give ’em up […]

Jay Gwuapo – Back Again Lyrics

Back Again by Jay Gwuapo Big racks Big packs I got the money, now they mad I got the money, they hate that Got big diamonds on my chain, yeah, […]

Jay Gwuapo – From Nothing Lyrics

From Nothing by Jay Gwuapo [Jay Gwuapo] Ain’t no discussion Only a year I been rappin’, they say I’m a problem or somethin’ They know that I want it I’m […]

Jay Gwuapo – Lifestyle Lyrics

Lifestyle Lyrics I’m rockin’ VVS watches, they fiendin’ to takeoff Goin’ up so fast and they hate that I stay strong My diamonds all flash, don’t touch, boy, case closed […]