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Tag: Album: From The NH 2 the Stage (2019)

Quando Rondo – New Ones Lyrics

New Ones by Quando Rondo Vicasso on another one Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah SephGotTheWaves Whoa Oh, I Uh Run around with them same n-----, I ain’t thinkin’ about hangin’ […]

Quando Rondo – 4th QTR Lyrics

4th QTR by Quando Rondo (Cook that s--- up, Quay) Every n---- in your clique, yeah, they gon’ feel me (Ayy) D up It’s fourth quarter, I’m down by two […]

Quando Rondo – Imperfect Flower Lyrics

Imperfect Flower by Quando Rondo [Quando Rondo] Sunshine gon’ come with rainy days, codiene take the pain away Kobe at the three, while down by two, Dwayne gon’ fade away […]