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Tag: Album: Gravestones (2020)

Tom MacDonald - Sellout Lyrics

Tom MacDonald – Sellout Lyrics

Sellout By Tom MacDonald I’m sick of hearing that I changed up Everybody wanna keep me chained up Check if this a race, if I’m running and you’re walking, I […]

Tom MacDonald - Dreams Lyrics

Tom MacDonald – Dreams Lyrics

Dreams By Tom MacDonald Once upon a time, I told my mama ’bout passion I’m not going to college, I’mma be a white rapper Thoughts become words, and words become […]

Tom MacDonald - Icon Lyrics

Tom MacDonald – Icon Lyrics

Icon By Tom MacDonald Look Look, everything I said I do, I did it here This is for the people who are wishing I would disappear It kills them when […]

Tom MacDonald - F Cancer Lyrics

Tom MacDonald – F Cancer Lyrics

F Cancer By Tom MacDonald Everybody knows someone who’s sick Forty percent will get cancer, only half’s gonna live Your mom and your dad and your sister stand inside a […]