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Tag: Album: Harmony House (2021)

Dayglow - December Lyrics

Dayglow – December Lyrics

December Lyrics – Dayglow You said you’ve got so much left to do Instead, you’re just pacing ’round the room ‘Cause what else is someone supposed to do When yourself […]

Dayglow - Into Blue Lyrics

Dayglow – Into Blue Lyrics

Into Blue Lyrics – Dayglow I only feel like I’m losing you Even when you’re here in my arms And even when I’m holding you close, my dear I still […]

Dayglow - Moving Out Lyrics

Dayglow – Moving Out Lyrics

Moving Out Lyrics – Dayglow It might be time to let somebody in It never gets good if you never begin And I know that it’s gone And the feeling […]

Dayglow - Strangers Lyrics

Dayglow – Strangers Lyrics

Strangers Lyrics – Dayglow I’ve been on my own these days Trying to figure out the pace When I don’t even know the place, I’m going to It’s gotten to […]

Dayglow - Like Ivy Lyrics

Dayglow – Like Ivy Lyrics

Like Ivy Lyrics – Dayglow Am I inside some strange simulation? What in tarnation is going on? I get the feeling I’m participating In a demonstration, they’re just playing along […]