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Tag: Album: Heartbreaker (2020)

INNA - Heartbreaker Lyrics

INNA – Heartbreaker Lyrics

Heartbreaker Lyrics – INNA Eyes on the window while you go It breaks my heart and Everything’s cold and running slow In silence and You’re lookin’ back and I don’t […]

INNA - One Reason Lyrics

INNA – One Reason Lyrics

One Reason Lyrics – INNA Gimme a reason to stay with you another night When I know that, I know I’m not the only one And one mistake least to […]

INNA - Flashbacks Lyrics

INNA – Flashbacks Lyrics

Flashbacks Lyrics – INNA I’m on the road, empty and cold To a distant destination, I don’t know Been thinking about you, we back in days of all It’s hard […]

INNA - Till Forever Lyrics

INNA – Till Forever Lyrics

Till Forever Lyrics – INNA I don’t know how to be, how to be, how to be without you And I’m sad and alone and I’m feeling, I’m feeling blue […]

INNA - You And I Lyrics

INNA – You And I Lyrics

You And I Lyrics – INNA I was so lonely babe till you got me caught up And I know that now I’ll never be alone And I know that […]

INNA - Beautiful Lie Lyrics

INNA – Beautiful Lie Lyrics

Beautiful Lie Lyrics – INNA I love me when I love you, baby And now I’m lost without you, baby I need one beautiful li-i-ie Stay, don’t say goodby-y-ye One […]