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Tag: Album: Heaven & Hell (2020)

Ava Max - Tattoo Lyrics

Ava Max – Tattoo Lyrics

Tattoo By Ava Max The kind of lover that stays on your mind See me wherever you go, yeah You want forever after just tonight You’ll never leave it alone, […]

Ava Max - Call Me Tonight Lyrics

Ava Max – Call Me Tonight Lyrics

Call Me Tonight By Ava Max Slip, slippin’ on my Versace, New York party Icy drip, drippin’ on emerald snake, thank you BVLGARI Get there quick, my chauffeur drove me […]

Ava Max - Take You To Hell Lyrics

Ava Max – Take You To Hell Lyrics

Take You To Hell By Ava Max If you’re gonna treat me right I’ll take you to Heaven every night But God forbid you leave me by myself I’ll take […]

Ava Max - Belladonna Lyrics

Ava Max – Belladonna Lyrics

Belladonna By Ava Max Forgive me for making you wait up for me I’ll pull you in like the waves of the sea I promise Yeah, I promise It’s hard […]

Ava Max - Rumors Lyrics

Ava Max – Rumors Lyrics

Rumors By Ava Max Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I hear ’em talk in the dead of the night (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) You’re always there at […]