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Tag: Album: Here Comes the Cowboy (2019)

01. Here Comes The Cowboy
02. Nobody
03. Finally Alone
04. Little Dogs March
05. Preoccupied
06. Choo Choo
07. K
08. Heart to Heart
09. Hey Cowgirl
10. On the Square
11. All of Our Yesterdays
12. Skyless Moon
13. Baby Bye Bye
Artist: Mac DeMarco
Genre: Alternative/Indie
Release date: May 10, 2019
Label: Mac’s Record Label

Mac DeMarco – Skyless Moon Lyrics

Skyless Moon by Mac DeMarco Baby blue I know how things have changed for you Remember that the days are numbered Springtime turns to summer With or without you Little […]

Mac DeMarco – On the Square Lyrics

On the Square by Mac DeMarco [Mac DeMarco] Brother’s hands This time it’s in brother’s hands Baby are you satisfied Is this all you had in mind [Mac DeMarco] All […]

Mac DeMarco – Hey Cowgirl Lyrics

Hey Cowgirl by Mac DeMarco Hey cowgirl Hey cowgirl Will you stay on the farm Or will you come on back with me? Hey cowgirl Give up all of your […]

Mac DeMarco - K Lyrics

Mac DeMarco – K Lyrics

K by Mac DeMarco As the years blow by, baby The more I come to know myself The more it seems my love grows for you And surely I’d be […]

Mac DeMarco – Choo Choo Lyrics

Choo Choo by Mac DeMarco Choo choo, take a ride with me Choo choo, take a ride with me Choo choo, take a ride with me Choo choo, take a […]