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Tag: Album: Home (2021)

Siamese - Home Lyrics

Siamese – Home Lyrics

Home Lyrics – Siamese You’re soul is the fuel to my insanity There’s no one who can do what you do to me ‘Cause you’ll be by my side when […]

Siamese - Holy Lyrics

Siamese – Holy Lyrics

Holy Lyrics – Siamese Every time you walk away You break another part of me You tell me you’re better lonely Tell me you’re not so holy Filled with empty […]

Siamese - Honest Lyrics

Siamese – Honest Lyrics

Honest Lyrics – Siamese Tell me Oh won’t you tell me now? Breathe in I know you’ll make it out Please don’t linger in the dark where you can’t see […]

Siamese - Erase My Mind Lyrics

Siamese – Erase My Mind Lyrics

Erase My Mind Lyrics – Siamese Take me over Take me over now When love is blind You’re out of sight But never out of mind Take me over Take […]

Siamese - Enough Ain't Enough Lyrics

Siamese – Enough Ain’t Enough Lyrics

Enough Ain’t Enough Lyrics – Siamese There’s a fire, ooh Forcing me higher, ooh Ignite the flames, set me ablaze, always burning for more Better to always take the fall […]

Siamese - Numb Lyrics

Siamese – Numb Lyrics

Numb Lyrics – Siamese Honestly I didn’t think I’d feel this way The doubt in my heart Am I running out of things to feel? All my empathy I slowly […]

Siamese - Rather Be Lonely Lyrics

Siamese – Rather Be Lonely Lyrics

Rather Be Lonely Lyrics – Siamese Let truth unfold You stalled me while you fell for another Man as you aborted our daughter Tell me how you do, tell me […]

Siamese - Past The End Lyrics

Siamese – Past The End Lyrics

Past The End Lyrics – Siamese I know your heart There’s no need to explain Back to the start It always ends the same I want no part Cause every […]

Siamese - Joga Lyrics

Siamese – Joga Lyrics

Joga Lyrics – Siamese All these accidents That happen Follow the dot Coincidence Makes sense Only with you You don’t have to speak I feel Emotional landscapes They puzzle me […]

Siamese - Sloboda Lyrics

Siamese – Sloboda Lyrics

Sloboda Lyrics – Siamese Sloboda, sine Sloboda, sine Sloboda, moj sine Sloboda, moj sine I’m not colorblind Yet nobody told me Why the world saw me In black and white […]

Rhye - Safeword Lyrics

Rhye – Safeword Lyrics

Safeword Lyrics – Rhye The more I know your face The more I push this way Do you know your safeword? (Oh, I love your face) The more I love […]

Rhye - Hold You Down Lyrics

Rhye – Hold You Down Lyrics

Hold You Down Lyrics – Rhye I wanted to know, where are your secrets? I wanted to know, just where’s the edge? Hold you down Hold you down Lay down […]