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Tag: Album: Ignorance Is Bliss (2019)

Skepta – You Wish Lyrics

You Wish by Skepta Said you got beef with me, you wish Said you got beef with me, you wish If I ever said I had time for the arms […]

Skepta – Animal Instinct Lyrics

Animal Instinct by Skepta It’s the animal instinct Look in my eyes, they see it I walk in the room, they feel it Told the mandem start movin’ different We’re […]

Skepta – Love Me Not Lyrics

Love Me Not by Skepta Time after time, only in the nighttime Had to remind you, we can’t rewind time Finally found you, you turned a blind eye Showed me […]

Skepta – Same Old Story Lyrics

Same Old Story by Skepta Bruv, I don’t wanna listen to her And she don’t wanna listen to me Last week we’re talkin’ together forever This week, more fish in […]

Skepta – Going Through It Lyrics

Skepta – Going Through It Lyrics

Going Through It by Skepta (Going ’round and ’round Sex, money, murder Everyone, sex, money, murder And it happens again and again) Bro, just chill out, you got what you […]