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Tag: Album: Ignorance Is Bliss (2019)

Skepta – You Wish Lyrics

You Wish by Skepta Said you got beef with me, you wish Said you got beef with me, you wish If I ever said I had time for the arms […]

Skepta – Animal Instinct Lyrics

Animal Instinct by Skepta It’s the animal instinct Look in my eyes, they see it I walk in the room, they feel it Told the mandem start movin’ different We’re […]

Skepta – Love Me Not Lyrics

Love Me Not by Skepta Time after time, only in the nighttime Had to remind you, we can’t rewind time Finally found you, you turned a blind eye Showed me […]

Skepta – Same Old Story Lyrics

Same Old Story by Skepta Bruv, I don’t wanna listen to her And she don’t wanna listen to me Last week we’re talkin’ together forever This week, more fish in […]

Skepta – Going Through It Lyrics

Skepta – Going Through It Lyrics

Going Through It by Skepta (Going ’round and ’round S--, money, murder Everyone, s--, money, murder And it happens again and again) Bro, just chill out, you got what you […]

Skepta – No Sleep Lyrics

No Sleep by Skepta No sleep 24/7 Greaze, yeah Yeah, wake up, wake up You keep missing out, should’ve stayed up He got blacklisted, should’ve paid up Pound coins in […]

Skepta – Redrum Lyrics

Redrum by Skepta If I, ya know Pull up with a stick, it’s a murder Anything I do Grease, I’m blessed Yeah If I pull up on the strip, it’s […]

Skepta – Greaze Mode Lyrics

Greaze Mode t. Nafe Smallz by Skepta [Skepta] I’ma break the law (Yeah) Then I’ma break the bank (Yeah) I’ma put some in the safe Then I’ma throw some on […]

Skepta – Bullet From A Gun Lyrics

Bullet From A Gun by Skepta [Skepta] Big smoke SK level Greaze! Listen [Skepta] Like a bullet from a gun it burns When you realise she was never your girl […]

Skepta – Pure Water Lyrics

Pure Water by Skepta Released : 2018 Gently down the stream Sk level Row, row, row, row your boat gently down the stream N----- sleepin’ on me must be sippin’ […]