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Tag: Album: III (2019)

BANKS – The Fall Lyrics

The Fall Lyrics by BANKS And you’re walking around waving all of your feathers and shaking your a-- You should be thanking me for giving you what you never afforded […]

BANKS – Propaganda Lyrics

Propaganda Lyrics by BANKS You thought you found what you wanted in the propaganda Too many pieces to mop up, I told you this was a mistake It’s undecided, but […]

BANKS – Alaska Lyrics

Alaska Lyrics by BANKS Used to call it nothing And then you turned it into something You were a petal I could pluck then Maybe we should touch or something […]

BANKS – Hawaiian Mazes Lyrics

Hawaiian Mazes Lyrics by BANKS I wanna meet tomorrow Yesterday made me a fool today I tried my best to follow But you moving too fast on ya daddy long […]

BANKS – Sawzall Lyrics

Sawzall Lyrics by BANKS I go over every word you said to me Every single syllable I could repeat Certified to scuba dive in my memory Why didn’t you tell […]

BANKS – Godless Lyrics

Godless Lyrics by BANKS Fell into the darkness Did you feel a lost divine? ‘Cause I felt the power when I lay down at your side I felt the rhythm […]

BANKS – Stroke Lyrics

Stroke Lyrics by BANKS You want me You want me Want me to stroke your ego Beg for it Die for it mmm I got the touch placebo Nothing that […]

BANKS – Till Now Lyrics

Till Now Lyrics by BANKS I saw you outside Wearing my shirt that I gave you to remember me by I don’t respect you much, but I hate too much […]

BANKS – Contaminated Lyrics

Contaminated by BANKS You wanna get to know me, You memorized the lines of my thighs, I knew before you told me You’d get it right. And you took the […]

BANKS – Gimme Lyrics

Gimme Lyrics by BANKS [BANKS] Woah, gimme, yeah-eah-eah Gimme, yeah-eah-eah, gimme, yeah-eah-eah Woah, gimme, yeah-eah-eah Gimme, yeah-eah-eah, gimme, yeah-eah-eah [BANKS] At the rock bottom baby crawl, crawl I let you […]

The Lumineers – Gloria Lyrics

Gloria Lyrics by The Lumineers Gloria I smell it on your breath Gloria Booze and peppermint Gloria No one said enough is enough Gloria They found you on the floor […]