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Tag: Album: III (2019)

The Lumineers – Democracy Lyrics

Democracy by The Lumineers It’s coming through a hole in the air From those nights in Tiananmen Square It’s coming from the feel that this ain’t exactly real Or it’s […]

The Lumineers – Jimmy Sparks Lyrics

Jimmy Sparks by The Lumineers Jimmy Sparks went into bars and opened up his mouth Said some things to wounded men that they could not allow When it came to […]

The Lumineers – My Cell Lyrics

My Cell by The Lumineers Falling in love is wonderful Falling in love is so alone My cell My pretty little cell Painted windows there for me Painted windows so […]

BANKS – What About Love Lyrics

What About Love Lyrics by BANKS I belong to no one You belong to someone else but Maybe if we just rewind the tape? Gimme one more chance to Gimme […]

BANKS – The Fall Lyrics

The Fall Lyrics by BANKS And you’re walking around waving all of your feathers and shaking your a-- You should be thanking me for giving you what you never afforded […]

BANKS – Propaganda Lyrics

Propaganda Lyrics by BANKS You thought you found what you wanted in the propaganda Too many pieces to mop up, I told you this was a mistake It’s undecided, but […]

BANKS – Alaska Lyrics

Alaska Lyrics by BANKS Used to call it nothing And then you turned it into something You were a petal I could pluck then Maybe we should touch or something […]

BANKS – Hawaiian Mazes Lyrics

Hawaiian Mazes Lyrics by BANKS I wanna meet tomorrow Yesterday made me a fool today I tried my best to follow But you moving too fast on ya daddy long […]

BANKS – Sawzall Lyrics

Sawzall Lyrics by BANKS I go over every word you said to me Every single syllable I could repeat Certified to scuba dive in my memory Why didn’t you tell […]

BANKS – Godless Lyrics

Godless Lyrics by BANKS Fell into the darkness Did you feel a lost divine? ‘Cause I felt the power when I lay down at your side I felt the rhythm […]

BANKS – Stroke Lyrics

Stroke Lyrics by BANKS You want me You want me Want me to stroke your ego Beg for it Die for it mmm I got the touch placebo Nothing that […]