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Tag: Album: In Stereo (2019)

Bananarama – It’s Gonna Be Alright Lyrics

It’s Gonna Be Alright Lyrics by Bananarama [Bananarama] Day dreaming in my head and The things I never said to you Keep spinning, keep spinning Around, around, around [Bananarama] Your […]

Bananarama – Stuff Like That Lyrics

Stuff Like That Lyrics by Bananarama [Bananarama] Oooohhhh ahhhh, stuff like that, ahhhh Oooohhhh ahhhh, stuff like that [Bananarama] Where did you come from Out of the blue You must […]

Bananarama – Tonight Lyrics

Bananarama – Tonight Lyrics

Tonight Lyrics by Bananarama [Bananarama] How do you feel Are you lonely just like me Come and take my hand Cause I feel like I’m going mad [Bananarama] I know […]

Bananarama – Intoxicated Lyrics

Intoxicated Lyrics by Bananarama [Bananarama] aw you across the room And got a certain feeling You looked at me, I looked at you [Bananarama] Electricity between us Saw you across […]