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Tag: Album: Introspection (2020)

UMI - Bet Lyrics

UMI – Bet Lyrics

UMI – Bet Lyrics Why you gotta front Know you need that I ain’t finna hold you I mean that I be on my own two You seen that But […]

UMI - Broken Bottle Lyrics

UMI – Broken Bottle Lyrics

Broken Bottle By UMI Love doesn’t grow in the middle of the garden No, no I could feel your pain but you really hate to show it No, no I […]

UMI - Pretty Girl hi! Lyrics

UMI – Pretty Girl hi! Lyrics

Pretty Girl hi! By UMI I feel no weight resistance Feel it in the air, yeah Your soul is safe Just listen close See I remember you said Why you […]

UMI - Open Up Lyrics

UMI – Open Up Lyrics

Open Up By UMI I shouldn’t lie to you (Lie to you) It wouldn’t be nice to you (Nice to you) If I wasn’t being myself yeah Why I’m so […]

UMI – Introspection Lyrics

Introspection By UMI Pretty girl, pity hurts Know you walk across a fine line, and Your pretty curls hide your pretty pearls No, I’m thinking like Why I’m so afraid […]