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Tag: Album: Jade Bird (2019)

by Jade Bird
01. Ruins
02. Lottery
03. I Get No Joy
04. Side Effects
05. My Motto
06. Does Anybody Know
07. Uh Huh
08. Good at It
09. Seventeen
10. Love Has All Been Done Before
11. Going Gone
12. If I Die

Release Date: April 19, 2019

Jade Bird – If I Die Lyrics

If I Die Lyrics by Jade Bird [Jade Bird] If I die, put me in a song Tell everyone how in love I’ve been If I die, put me in […]

Jade Bird – Going Gone Lyrics

Going Gone Lyrics by Jade Bird [Jade Bird] You got an addiction, unrealistic mission Cigarettes and alcohol, you’ve lost yourself Telling the same stories, you did all it last week […]

Jade Bird – Good at It Lyrics

Good at It Lyrics by Jade Bird [Jade Bird] Oh, where’s this goddess? Has she really got it? And are you keeping her away from me? Or did she really […]

Jade Bird – Uh Huh Lyrics

Uh Huh Lyrics by Jade Bird [Jade Bird] Does she wake up, put on make-up in the bathroom And go to work, and stay real late and text you she’ll […]