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Tag: Album: Jesus Said Run It Back (2019)

lilbootycall - Die No More Lyrics

lilbootycall – Die No More Lyrics

Lyrics: Die No More by lilbootycall Woah, oh, woah, oh Woah, oh, woah, oh Die-d-die, die, die I don’t wanna die no more Yeah, die Die, d-die, yeah, yeah, die, […]

lilbootycall – When It Gets Cold Lyrics

Lyrics: When It Gets Cold by lilbootycall It’s been a while since I’ve seen you They’ve been carryin’ street sweepers tryna clean ’em I’ve been movin’ on my own, still […]

lilbootycall – 666 Lyrics

Lyrics: 666 by lilbootycall I pray that the devil don’t take me After I take my life Tired of these people tryna play me I’m done, can’t change my mind […]

lilbootycall – Prescriptions Lyrics

Lyrics: Prescriptions by lilbootycall ft. Goldlink I’m sittin’ in my room and thinkin’ ’bout you I’m all out of prescriptions, but you still mess up my head They say ring […]

lilbootycall – 18K Lyrics

Lyrics: 18K by lilbootycall ft. Juicy J F--- what they’ve been talkin’ ’bout, I’ve been movin’ weight I ain’t talkin’ cocaine, baby, feel up on my chain 18 karat gold, […]

lilbootycall – 777 Lyrics

Lyrics: 777 by lilbootycall [Cuco] I had other girls, but I dropped ’em all When you kissed me and you held me, now I got it all At the drive-in, […]

lilbootycall – Hate Me Lyrics

Lyrics: Hate Me by lilbootycall You say you f-----’ hate me, but I hate myself, oh You act like an angel, but I seen you in Hell, oh ‘Cause girl, […]

lilbootycall – Bandaid Lyrics

Bandaid Lyrics by lilbootycall Yellow cup, I’m planning to withstand against my fate Hella cuts and bandaids on my wrists, look at my face Jesus piece up on me i […]

lilbootycall – Mariah Lyrics

Mariah Lyrics by lilbootycall [lilbootycall] Pull up in my ride, yeah Bad girl, bumping on Mariah, oh She said she getting tired Please Please don’t kill the vibe, yeah, oh […]