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Tag: Album: Jesus Said Run It Back (2019)

lilbootycall - Die No More Lyrics

lilbootycall – Die No More Lyrics

Lyrics: Die No More by lilbootycall Woah, oh, woah, oh Woah, oh, woah, oh Die-d-die, die, die I don’t wanna die no more Yeah, die Die, d-die, yeah, yeah, die, […]

lilbootycall – When It Gets Cold Lyrics

Lyrics: When It Gets Cold by lilbootycall It’s been a while since I’ve seen you They’ve been carryin’ street sweepers tryna clean ’em I’ve been movin’ on my own, still […]

lilbootycall – 666 Lyrics

Lyrics: 666 by lilbootycall I pray that the devil don’t take me After I take my life Tired of these people tryna play me I’m done, can’t change my mind […]

lilbootycall – Prescriptions Lyrics

Lyrics: Prescriptions by lilbootycall ft. Goldlink I’m sittin’ in my room and thinkin’ ’bout you I’m all out of prescriptions, but you still mess up my head They say ring […]

lilbootycall – 18K Lyrics

Lyrics: 18K by lilbootycall ft. Juicy J Fuck what they’ve been talkin’ ’bout, I’ve been movin’ weight I ain’t talkin’ cocaine, baby, feel up on my chain 18 karat gold, […]