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Tag: Album: King’s Disease (2020)

Nas - Blue Benz Lyrics

Nas – Blue Benz Lyrics

Blue Benz By Nas As we go through life, one of the big questions about Things we purchase is- is, what the value of it is Is it really worth […]

Nas - Car #85 Lyrics

Nas – Car #85 Lyrics

Car #85 By Nas Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, la, da-da, da (Big Queens, NYC) Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, la, da-da, da Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah (Uh), la, […]

Nas - 27 Summers Lyrics

Nas – 27 Summers Lyrics

27 Summers By Nas Hit-Boy Bitch, I’m in a good mood, good group pulled me up (Ice) The plane leave in thirty, fix your life, hurry up (Fix your life) […]

Nas - Replace Me Lyrics

Nas – Replace Me Lyrics

Replace Me By Nas (Hit-Boy) N-A-S Uh, yeah It be kinda hard to replace me So we gonna lose before nobody else I was keeping my heart there on safety […]

Nas - Til The War Is Won Lyrics

Nas – Til The War Is Won Lyrics

Til The War Is Won By Nas You know I love you different, my queen, my mother, sister Protect you with my life, let’s desconstruct the myth-uh You just depressed […]

Nas - All Bad Lyrics

Nas – All Bad Lyrics

All Bad By Nas To all the ones I loved across the world, uh-huh It was all good ’til it went bad (Hit-Boy) It’s all bad It was all good […]