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Tag: Album: LEGACY! LEGACY! (2019)

01. Betty
02. Zora
03. Giovanni
04. Sonia (feat. Nitty Scott)
05. Frida
06. Eartha
07. Miles
08. Muddy
09. Basquiat (feat. Saba)
10. Sun Ra (feat. theMIND and Jasminfire)
11. Octavia
12. Baldwin (feat. Nico Segal)
13. Betty (for Boogie)
Artist: Jamila Woods
Release date: May 10, 2019
Label: Jagjaguwar
Genre: R&B/Soul

Jamila Woods – Baldwin Lyrics

Baldwin by Jamila Woods You don’t know a thing about our story, tell it wrong all the time Don’t know a thing about our glory, wanna steal my baby’s shine […]

Jamila Woods – Octavia Lyrics

Octavia by Jamila Woods [Jamila Woods] Don’t ever let a textbook scare you You the missing piece, OG technology, they stole you Don’t ever let ’em knock the way you […]

Jamila Woods – Sun Ra Lyrics

Sun Ra by Jamila Woods [Jamila Woods] I’m a fable, you and me We should leave this planet to our enemies Got a solar system in my bee-dee-bees And my […]

Jamila Woods – Basquiat Lyrics

Basquiat by Jamila Woods [Jamila Woods] They wanna see me angry They wanna see me bear my teeth, yeah I’m a stovetop, baby I smile in your face, but the […]

Jamila Woods – Muddy Lyrics

Muddy by Jamila Woods [Jamila Woods] Motherfuckers won’t shut up We been in a war, my God Some country shit won’t cut it He need the blues he could plug […]

Jamila Woods – Miles Lyrics

Miles by Jamila Woods [Jamila Woods] What you call it when I’m winning? Need to find some other words for how I spin it Make ’em lean in when I’m […]