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Tag: Album: lil kiiwi (2020)

Kiiara - Brightside Lyrics

Kiiara – Brightside Lyrics

Brightside Lyrics By Kiiara You’re s-s-s-s-s-so damn nervous And you d-d-d-d-don’t know why In my hand and it’s fully loaded Hit send and you won’t survive You let your guard […]

Kiiara - Empty Lyrics

Kiiara – Empty Lyrics

Empty Lyrics By Kiiara I find my troubles wait ’til I’m home Nothing to distract me when daylight is gone It’s been months, it’s been months I’ve been counting the […]

Kiiara - Accidental Lyrics

Kiiara – Accidental Lyrics

Accidental Lyrics By Kiiara Lights turn green You were staring through my mind You should pay attention You should really take some time I know I confuse you I manipulate, […]

Kiiara - Two Thumbs Lyrics

Kiiara – Two Thumbs Lyrics

Two Thumbs Lyrics By Kiiara Baby, you got two thumbs and you don’t use ’em To answer me back and I don’t like that Make me feel like you don’t […]

Kiiara - Bad One Lyrics

Kiiara – Bad One Lyrics

Bad One Lyrics By Kiiara I’ma catch a flight right in the mornin’ I just wanna be there in the mornin’ Lately, I’ve been thinking ’bout the future And how […]