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Tag: Album: Love and Compromise (2019)

Mahalia – Good Company Lyrics

Good Company by Mahalia I like to watch when you walk to my door Put your cigarette out on the floor, yeah I love that when we stare, you’re the […]

Mahalia – What Am I? Lyrics

What Am I? by Mahalia I’m deep in my groove, I’m not over you But I’m tryna be inspired, uh It’s just not working today, don’t want you to think […]

Mahalia – Regular People Lyrics

Regular People by Mahalia Put your hands up if you love your body Put your hands up if you love your mommy Put your hands up if you love your […]

Mahalia – Karma Lyrics

Karma by Mahalia I got this burning feeling Up inside my bones You know I’ve been calling “Baby, are you home?” I know your girl set the bar and she’s […]

Mahalia – He’s Mine Lyrics

He’s Mine by Mahalia So, you call and you say that you made a mistake But it’s already too late, already taken your place And I’m sad for the pain, […]