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Tag: Album : Madame X (2019) “Madonna”

Madonna – Funana Lyrics

Funana by Madonna Let’s go dancing Let’s go dancing No more crying, no more yelling No more waiting, no more figting Times are all changing, we all need freedom More […]

Madonna – Looking for Mercy Lyrics

Looking for Mercy by Madonna Every night before I close my eyes I say a little prayer that you’ll have mercy on me Please dear God, to live inside the […]

Madonna – Bitch I’m Loca Lyrics

Bitch I’m Loca by Madonna Bitch, I’m loca (Y yo loco, loco) Besame la boca (¿Y tú qué me das?) Bitch, me gusta (Y yo te provoco) Mucho que me […]

Madonna – Faz Gostoso Lyrics

Faz Gostoso by Madonna Come baby, come Come, vem cá Come, come to me Show me how you move your body I said come, do it good You know how […]