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Tag: Album: Magdalene (2019)

Fka twigs – sad day Lyrics

sad day By Fka twigs Lyrics Every time you look outside your window Everything is just the same as before You are turning round and round You see, it’s a […]

Fka twigs – mary magdalene Lyrics

mary magdalene By Fka twigs Lyrics A woman’s work A woman’s prerogative A woman’s time to embrace She must put herself first A woman’s touch, a sacred geometry I know […]

Fka twigs – fallen alien Lyrics

fallen alien By Fka twigs Lyrics I was waiting for you, I was outside Don’t tell me what you want because I know you lie (I feel) I was waiting […]

Fka twigs – mirrored heart Lyrics

mirrored heart By Fka twigs Lyrics It’s all for the gain It’s all for the lovers trying to take the breath away It’s all for the gain It’s all for […]

Fka twigs – daybed Lyrics

daybed By Fka twigs Lyrics Silent are my heart strings Icy is my body heat, yeah Lonely is my hoping Empty is my sweet thing Aching is my laughter Busy […]

FKA twigs – home with you Lyrics

home with you by FKA twigs LYRICS I’m so wired for it, seen it, tried it I’d die for you on my terms When I get my lessons learned Apples, […]

FKA Twigs – Holy Terrain Lyrics

Holy Terrain by FKA Twigs Yeah, Pluto Lemme do my dance in this b----, gon’ be case closed Made a hunnid bands off the brick Made a hunnid bands off […]

FKA twigs – Cellophane Lyrics

Cellophane Lyrics by FKA twigs Didn’t i do it for you Why don’t i do it for you Why won’t you do it for me When all i do is […]