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Tag: Album: Map of the Soul: 7 (2020)

BTS – Black Swan Lyrics

Black Swan By BTS Black Swan Lyrics: English: Do your thang Do your thang with me now Do your thang Do your thang with me now What’s my thang What’s […]

BTS – Filter Lyrics

Filter By BTS Filter Lyrics: English: That uninterested face of yours, the bored tip of your toes Please, look at me now Put your phone down, don’t even think of […]

BTS – My Time Lyrics

My Time By BTS My Time Lyrics: English: 24, feels like I became a grown-up faster than everyone else My life has been a movie, all the time I ran […]

BTS – Louder than bombs Lyrics

Louder than bombs By BTS Louder than bombs Lyrics: English: Now it has grown to be so clear The unfamiliar shadow amidst those cheers Perhaps I wouldn’t be able to […]

BTS – ON Lyrics

ON By BTS ON Lyrics: English: I can’t understand what people are sayin’ Who and what do I need to follow With each step then again grows the shadow Where […]

BTS – 욱 (UGH!) Lyrics

욱 (UGH!) By BTS 욱 (UGH!) Lyrics: English: Let’s go, yeah, yeah, yeah Crackle, that ember burns up again Swallows first before it reaches the oil Without doubt, bound to […]