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Tag: Album: Maybe This Was Supposed To Happen (2020)

Ollie – Change Lyrics

Change By Ollie One second… I, I’m so afraid Of going through change Does anybody feel the same? Does anybody feel the same? I’m so afraid Of going through change […]

Ollie – Good Enough Lyrics

Good Enough By Ollie Nothing’s ever good enough Nothing’s ever What’s another day I spend inside? Like, everything I do’s a waste of time Nothing’s ever good enough, no Nothing’s […]

Ollie – Eyes Lyrics

Eyes By Ollie I notice you Suddenly, I can’t blink, I play it cool Try to finish my drink, I wanna know I wanna know what you thinking, what you […]

Ollie – Daytona Lyrics

Daytona By Ollie Hold back my tears I don’t wanna say goodbye Goodbye Hate that you’re here I see the pain in your eyes In your eyes You’d tell me […]

Ollie – Broken Down Lyrics

Broken Down By Ollie Broken down, I’m losing all my strength, hopeless now I can’t pretend I’m okay, constant hell I wish I could move on from all this pain, […]

Ollie – Real Love Lyrics

Real Love By Ollie I know I can hurt you Say things I don’t mean Tell you that I’m leaving As you begin to scream But tomorrow when you wake […]