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Tag: Album: misery lake (2021)

blackbear - ​ghost town Lyrics

blackbear – ​ghost town Lyrics

ghost town Lyrics – blackbear The more that I reach out, the more that you’re not there Your heart is a ghost town, my head is a nightmare But that’s […]

blackbear - ​imu Lyrics

blackbear – ​imu Lyrics

imu Lyrics – blackbear Maybe we could talk tomorrow When I’m not so hungover I miss you at the worst times I miss you even though it’s over You cared […]

blackbear - ​bad day Lyrics

blackbear – ​bad day Lyrics

​bad day Lyrics – blackbear I hope you have a bad day I hope you have a bad day The last I heard is you was goin’ through it Smile […]

blackbear - @ my worst Lyrics

blackbear – @ my worst Lyrics

@ my worst Lyrics – blackbear This is the end, this is the end, this is the end of me Playin’ pretend that I’m available emotionally I’m off a Benz, […]