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Tag: Album: Miss Anthropocene (2020)

Grimes – Delete Forever Lyrics

Delete Forever By Grimes Lying so awake, things I can’t escape Lately, I just turn ’em into demons Flowing to the sun, fucking heroin Lately I just turn ’em into […]

Grimes - New Gods Lyrics

Grimes – New Gods Lyrics

New Gods By Grimes Oh, you’re all I know But what can I do if I can’t see, you’re too bright Broken glass that shines in all the lights So […]

Grimes – 4ÆM Lyrics

4ÆM By Grimes Ooh Wrote your constellation Ooh, I wrote your constellation into the sky We’re out late, at 4AM He says how’s the weather, baby? How’ve you been? You’re […]

Grimes – My Name is Dark Lyrics

My Name is Dark By Grimes So we party when the sun goes low And tonight, wishes I’m so doped out I’m not shy but I refuse to speak Because […]