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Tag: Album: No Pressure (2020)

Logic - Hit My Line Lyrics

Logic – Hit My Line Lyrics

Hit My Line By Logic Okay (Okay) Okay (Okay), Okay (Okay) Okay (Okay), Okay (Okay) I think it’s gonna be a good day Homie got the nine in the glove […]

Logic - GP4 Lyrics

Logic – GP4 Lyrics

GP4 By Logic Watch Watch Y’all niggas overdoin’ it You gotta slow that shit down Take your time, reevaluate your shit, it don’t matter (Watch) Niggas ain’t got money, ain’t […]

Logic - Celebration Lyrics

Logic – Celebration Lyrics

Celebration By Logic Ayy, it’s a celebration, bitches Came a long way from bus stops and washing dishes From rags to bitches Stovetop to Mastro’s, man, this shit is delicious […]

Logic - Open MicAquarius III Lyrics

Logic – Open Mic\\Aquarius III Lyrics

Open Mic\\Aquarius III By Logic Okay, settle, settle, settle, settle, ladies and gentlemen, settle down Okay, so, this next brother we’re gonna bring up to the stage usually does not […]

Logic - Soul Food II Lyrics

Logic – Soul Food II Lyrics

Soul Food II By Logic [Part I] Goddamn, goddamn, conversations with people Crazy how one day, the legends forget that they equal On this Under Pressure sequel We not taking […]

Logic - Perfect Lyrics

Logic – Perfect Lyrics

Perfect By Logic Bitch, I did it, I made it, I’m loved and I’m hated I started from the bottom, now my neighborhood is gated They say, “Drink to your […]