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Tag: Album: Nobody Is Listening (2021)

ZAYN - Outside Lyrics

ZAYN – Outside Lyrics

Outside Lyrics – ZAYN Two wrongs make no right When it’s left, at least we tried I’ll be back tonight (Oh, yeah) I’ll let you decide To leave my life […]

ZAYN - When Love’s Around Lyrics

ZAYN – When Love’s Around Lyrics

When Love’s Around Lyrics – ZAYN Ever been in love Ever really love someone People tend to rush People tend to run to love Only takes one To show you […]

ZAYN - Connexion Lyrics

ZAYN – Connexion Lyrics

Connexion Lyrics – ZAYN Funny when you come to mind That’s when you hit me up That’s when we feel a little closer Just when I started thinking It’s like […]

ZAYN - Sweat Lyrics

ZAYN – Sweat Lyrics

Sweat Lyrics – ZAYN Stayin’ up for you Day and night for you We’ve been losing track of time Reaching higher heights Only one thing on my mind Only one […]

ZAYN - Unfuckwitable Lyrics

ZAYN – Unfuckwitable Lyrics

Unfuckwitable Lyrics – ZAYN I’m unfuckwitable In a world of my own That’s why my shoulder’s so cold I’m unfuckwitable So tired of fake friends And fake love, you know […]

ZAYN - Windowsill Lyrics

ZAYN – Windowsill Lyrics

Windowsill Lyrics – ZAYN Fuckin’ on the countertop, window to the floor She been on my mind, I swear she the type to roll She with me when I flow […]