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Tag: Album: One Day At A Time (2020)

Kodaline - The Evening Lyrics

Kodaline – The Evening Lyrics

The Evening By Kodaline We lifted our sails up And went with the wind Tonight I miss you It’s hard to begin We’d hide in my attic And paint on […]

Kodaline - Care Lyrics

Kodaline – Care Lyrics

Care By Kodaline I remember when told me back when we were young You and me could be forever, you and me were strong Somehow we got caught up in […]

Kodaline - Heart Open Lyrics

Kodaline – Heart Open Lyrics

Heart Open By Kodaline This is not a sad song, it’s about the ones you love One in every small crowd, too afraid to open up and talk Feeling like […]

Kodaline - Everyone Changes Lyrics

Kodaline – Everyone Changes Lyrics

Everyone Changes By Kodaline They say that the hardest thing to do is say goodbye They say it’s the hardest thing We tried to stitch it up and now I […]

Kodaline - In The End Lyrics

Kodaline – In The End Lyrics

In The End By Kodaline I was blinded by the power Climbing up the ladder Even pushed away my father I was caught up in the rat race Living in […]