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Album: One Thing At A Time (2023)

Morgan Wallen – Born With A Beer In My Hand Lyrics

Born With A Beer In My Hand Lyrics – Morgan Wallen Granddaddy drank heavy and daddy drank light I can turn any day to Saturday night if I want to

Morgan Wallen – Man Made A Bar Lyrics

Man Made A Bar Lyrics – Morgan Wallen Sat down on a barstool, like a dern fool ‘Cause she walked out again Bartender said I got you Yeah, ’cause I

Morgan Wallen – Devil Don’t Know Lyrics

Devil Don’t Know Lyrics – Morgan Wallen There’s a bottle on a King James coaster Miller Lite full of cigarettes Too drunk to be hungover Last night still on my

Morgan Wallen – ’98 Braves Lyrics

’98 Braves Lyrics – Morgan Wallen I remember sittin’ at that house Livin’ room couch Thinkin’ no way them boys wouldn’t win Between them big 3 pitchers Andrew and Chipper

Morgan Wallen – Ain’t That Some Lyrics

Ain’t That Some Lyrics – Morgan Wallen Ain’t that some back home buddies in a field mud on the wheels Yeah, ain’t that some thick smoke Silverado tearin’ up a

Morgan Wallen – Hope That’s True Lyrics

Hope That’s True Lyrics – Morgan Wallen I hate that S-Class Benz That you’re so damn proud of You hate my truck ‘Cause you can’t climb out of it And

Morgan Wallen – Sunrise Lyrics

Sunrise Lyrics – Morgan Wallen On my Fridays when it’s whiskey, I go back to Cincy That Ohio night you tricked me into buying all your shots Got your ghost

Morgan Wallen – Keith Whitley Lyrics

Keith Whitley Lyrics – Morgan Wallen I’m no stranger to the rain It starts rainin’, I start pourin’ I’ll take hurt like hell in the mornin’ Over feeling this way

Morgan Wallen – In The Bible Lyrics

In The Bible Lyrics – Morgan Wallen Paint your truck tread with some red dust While you kick up the long way home Share some bootleg with your best buds

Morgan Wallen – F150-50 Lyrics

F150-50 Lyrics – Morgan Wallen Yeah, I bet she’s Topped off that two-tone tank at the Texaco Before she hits the road I bet she’s Pissed off enough to pick

Morgan Wallen – Neon Star (Country Boy Lullaby) Lyrics

Neon Star (Country Boy Lullaby) Lyrics – Morgan Wallen Yeah, I’m down bad She slammed that door and she broke my heart That girl sure got out of town fast

Morgan Wallen – I Deserve A Drink Lyrics

I Deserve A Drink Lyrics – Morgan Wallen I been doin’ good, so good I been on my best behavior I been livin’ by the book I shoulda known that

Morgan Wallen – Wine Into Water Lyrics

Wine Into Water Lyrics – Morgan Wallen Some girls like roses and a man sayin’ sorry by the dozen To heal the heartbreak up, and Some girls like a letter

Morgan Wallen – Me + All Your Reasons Lyrics

Me + All Your Reasons Lyrics – Morgan Wallen Smoke on my clothes, liquor on my breath Devil on my shoulder, strangers in my bed Pills in my pocket, ashes

Morgan Wallen – Money On Me Lyrics

Money On Me Lyrics – Morgan Wallen If you’re lookin’ for a drink, if you’re lookin’ for a dance If you’re lookin’ for a wreck in your Friday night plans

Morgan Wallen – Thinkin’ Bout Me Lyrics

Thinkin’ Bout Me Lyrics – Morgan Wallen Don’t know where you at Don’t know where you’ve been Don’t know nothing ’bout that boy you’re into Don’t feel bad for you

Morgan Wallen – Single Than She Was Lyrics

Single Than She Was Lyrics – Morgan Wallen She had two beers on the counter when I found her That neon wrapped right around her like a smoky halo We

Morgan Wallen – Last Drive Down Main Lyrics

Last Drive Down Main Lyrics – Morgan Wallen Taking one last drive down Main Might as well be memory lane Turn it up for old time’s sake Taking one last

Morgan Wallen – Me To Me Lyrics

Me To Me Lyrics – Morgan Wallen Say you want a little wild in your Friday Kinda sick of this same old scene This neon leaves you lonely, baby I

Morgan Wallen – 180 (Lifestyle) Lyrics

180 (Lifestyle) Lyrics – Morgan Wallen She don’t come from it but, nah, she ain’t running from it Yeah, she loving the lifestyle Took a Broadway city girl, turned her